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Generic Cialis is the most powerful weapon today to avoid struggling against one of the most widespread health problems of the 21st century – erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, about half of male population over their forties suffer from erectile dysfunction, or, as more commonly referred to, impotence. The latter becomes the main obstacle between a man and his healthy sexual life. Shyness, a lack of courage, and reticence become the reasons most men prefer to keep their problem in silence and suffer on their own. However, those times have long passed when you had to cheat on your sexual partner with such banal excuses such as feeling unwell or not being in the mood once you are alone in the bedroom. With generic Cialis appearing on the arena, impotence is no longer a trouble to feel ashamed of. So, if you have started to experience problems with keeping your erection firm enough to have a sexual intercourse, it is high time to undertake serious steps. Surely, without a doctor’s consultation and drug prescription, it is going to be difficult to treat ED effectively. Yet, this certainly is not impossible! Buy generic Cialis online and have your ED problem treated productively!

However, before you order your first dosage of generic Cialis, it would be sensible to have the basic knowledge of the medication type. Find out what erectile dysfunction is, what treatment approach you should use to become as healthy as you were, and plenty of other essential points right here, right now! Discover how generic Cialis affects male sex enhancement as forewarned is forearmed!

How Generic Cialis Works

Did you know what is responsible for a man’s strong erection? A man’s body produces the natural chemicals nitric oxides that stand for the relaxation of penis muscles. Generic Cialis is designed to enhance the effect of these chemicals. All this effect does is increase the blood flow to the penis and create a firm erection. This is how generic Cialis works and it improves a man’s sex life. If you belong to the category of people who wrongly consider that Cialis creates an erection without any stimulation, we shall hurry to state you are misinformed. No PDE5 inhibitor drug including generic Cialis raise libido. Being aroused and sexually stimulated is mandatory for the medication to help build a firm erection. The tadalafil citrate, lying on the basis of Cialis, is also prescribed to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. It improves exercise capacity, hence is quite often taken by sportsmen.

Drug Interactions

Like every medication type, Cialis has certain specifications that are important to take into consideration before taking. There are some medications that cause hazardous effects when taken simultaneously with Cialis. If you have heart problems or chest pains, and take nitrate drugs, for instance, Cialis is categorically forbidden. This will result in a sudden decrease in blood pressure and may have a fatal outcome. Here is the main list of drugs that dangerously interact with Cialis:

1. Nitroglycerin
2. Amyl nitrate
3. Isosorbide mononitrate
4. Isosorbide dinitrate
5. Terazosin
6. Prazosin
7. Tamsulosin
8. Alprostadil
9. Recreational drugs
10. Alprostadil

Food and Alcohol Interactions

However, besides the list of drugs you shouldn’t take Cialis with, it is also necessary to note that grapefruit or anything made with grapefruit is strictly forbidden with this medication. Grapefruit increases the level of tadalafil citrate in blood, thus may raise the risk of possible side effects.
Alcohol, taken with Cialis, meanwhile, is prone to dilating blood vessels. This, as a rule, results in the dropping of blood pressure significantly and causing postural hypotension. A patient drinking alcohol with tadalafil citrate experiences great dizziness, an increased heart rate, and severe headaches.

Health Problems Incompatible With Tadalafil Citrate

Before you buy generic Cialis online, it is crucial to learn whether the medication is compatible with your health state or not. There are certain illnesses that may worsen with taking any tadalafil citrate medication. Here are the main conditions with which it is not advisable to use Cialis generic:

1. Heart problems
2. Kidney disease (dialysis)
3. Liver disease
4. Bleeding disorder
5. Penis deformity
6. Recent heart attacks and strokes
7. Stomach ulcer
8. Serious vision problems
9. Allergy to tadalafil

So, when you order generic Cialis, Canada’s most reliable online store offer, remember to mention the health problems you experience.

Getting Cialis Over the Counter

PDE5 inhibitor drugs contain complex chemical substances that all together stimulate an erection. They smooth the penis muscles and make the blood flow increase particularly to this body organ. All PDE5 inhibitor drugs are highly efficient, yet quite expensive. Not all men suffering from impotence can afford to buy them and use them on a daily basis. After the appearance of generic Cialis online, however, this problem is no longer that upsetting. Being an analogical medication, Cialis generic delivers the same level of efficacy that genuine expensive drugs do, yet on a much more budget-friendly basis.

Another advantage a patient gets by ordering over the counter generic Cialis Canada major online pharmacy offers is the fact you are not obliged to provide a prescription. Here you don’t have to speak about the problem which might lower your self-esteem and self-confidence. All you need to do is to visit the official website of the online pharmacy you can fully trust, insert your order, fulfill the payment and wait until the medication is delivered to your doorstep! Be sure that you won’t have to wait long for your “magic” pills to restore your once-bright sexual life! Buying OTC Cialis is easy, fast, and affordable!