1. Can a penis stay erected after ejaculation when Cialis is taken?
An ejaculation does not prevent Cialis from making its “duty”. As far as the medication is in your blood, you may have an erection once sexually stimulated.

2. How can I learn which dosage is right for me?
To know the exact dosage that may be efficient for you, you need to consult a doctor or start with the recommended 10mg dosage. Observing how your body react to it, you may later increase or decrease this dosage.

3. I have tried to build an erection with Cialis (10mg) for a couple of times, yet failed.I am an overweight man in his mid-60s. I have also had a radiation therapy after doctors diagnosed prostate cancer a year ago. Now my question – Can I take two Cialis pills each of 20mg dosage at once or may it have a negative impact on me?
Taking 2x20mg Cialis pills is sure to be an overdose. This may have serious side effects and ruin your health without providing you with the erection you long for. Taking into account your weight and the serious treatment you have undergone, it will be advisable to apply to a doctor.

4. Are Cialis pills expensive? Will my insurance cover them?
Generally, PDE5 inhibitor drugs are not cheap medications, and Cialis is not an exception. However, with generic Cialis offered in the market, you may economize greatly on the cost. What concerns insurance, it doesn’t cover ED drugs. You may get a few at a time, yet this is not worth the entire hustle and bustle it may bring with it.

5. How often can I take Cialis medication?
As a rule, Cialis is prescribed once a day at a certain hour, yet the greatest part of ED patients use the medicine only when a sexual intercourse is anticipated. For this, take a pill approximately half an hour before having sex. Anyway, if you still need to take the med on a daily basis, opt for a low dosage (2.5mg or 5mg).

6. I accidentally ordered 20mg Cialis when I need to take only 10mg. Can I split them when taking?
Generally, it is not advisable to split a Cialis pill, as the crashes of the medication may increase the possibility of having side effects. Besides, the second half of the medication won’t be as efficient as the first one. Anyway, if you still intend to split you Cialis pills, avoid doing it with a knife or scissors.

7. Is Cialis safe to take when you try to have a baby? Will it pose any risk to the future baby?
There is no definite answer to this question, as studies were made only on pregnant animals. These showed no dangers or harms to animal fetuses, and, therefore, may not be harmful to human ones either. However, being assigned to pregnancy category B type, this question has no distinct answer. It’s better to consult with a doctor.

8. I have been using Cialis for a couple of times. Erection is OK, but I find hard to ejaculate? May Cialis be the reason for this?
Not being able to ejaculate indicates of certain physiological problems such as stress or depression. Though Cialis has a series of possible side effects, this is definitely not one of them. Consult a doctor for getting prescription of some drugs on depression.

9. What’s the difference between genuine Cialis and the generic version of the same medication?
Actually none except the price. Because of the misinformation spread by popular pharmacological companies, people consider the generic versions of PDE5 inhibitor drugs including Cialis not as efficient as the genuine. Yet, both meds are based on Tadalafil citrate. The generic counterparts have certain additional ingredients aimed to ease ejaculation and soften side effects. On the whole, generic Cialis has the same quality as genuine Cialis, yet is priced several times cheaper. This is the only difference you may find.