How smoking is correlated with erectile dysfunction and what are the risks.

Smoking is quite often a bravado, something to prove a man’s devil-may-care attitude to the hardships of this life. And even though all mature men know the harmfulness of smoking on the entire human organism, they keep on smoking bringing such an excuse as “it’s better to live your life the way you wish even if will be a short one, than restricting yourself from the enjoyable moments”! But for these men, living the life without sex can be disastrous, as particularly sex is the pledge for mental and physical health. And if perhaps every male knows what is erectile dysfunction, few know what a great negative impact smoking has on it. And if a man is to choose between healthy erections and cigarettes, which would he choose?

ED Risk Increased

Scientists carried out studies among smoking men from eighteen to fifty-nine, the results of which suggest over 40% of smokers suffer from erectile dysfunction at least one month in a year. This refers majorly to one-pack-a-day smokers. As compared with non-smokers, those smoking about a pack or less a day are more (for 24%) inclined to experience erectile disorder. Heavy smokers, meanwhile, are likely to struggle with ED for 39%.

Smoking causes numerous deaths all over the world with four hundred thousand annual deaths in the US alone. So, if you are a smoker, too, think about those exciting hot nights you may miss because of your bad habit, let alone other serious health problems it may bring forward. Live healthily, and once ED taps your door, use Cialis well knowing its efficacy.

Direct Impact Of Cigarettes on ED

Smoking has a direct negative influence on erectile dysfunction, as it is known to damage the blood vessels and arteries making them shrink. At best, if it may be called so, this will lead to high blood pressure. At worst, the shrinking of blood vessels will result in a heart attack, strokes or internal bleeding. As we know, the majority of ED cases, are based on blood circulation difficulties. And smoking will only worsen this state – genitals won’t get enough blood flow for forming a strong erection. That’s how smoking directly impacts on impotence.

Indirect Impact of Cigarettes on ED

The indirect influence smoking has on erectile dysfunction are more common. Smoking creates “favorable conditions” for such illnesses that may bring forward impotence as are the followings:

1. Cancer
2. Stroke
3. Increased stress and depression
4. Arterial damage
5. Heart disease
6. High blood pressure