Is there any association between Panic Attacks and Decreased Male Potency!

Despite the fact that men refer to sterner sex doesn’t mean that they don’t have a less delicate psyche than women do. Their health conditions can be affected by lots of different factors. Men often give in to panic, which affects their potency.

What is a Panic Attack?

Doctors and psychologists have a number of scientific names for the panic attack; most of them let us understand the processes that occur in the patient’s body:

  • Vegetative crisis;
  • Sympathoadrenal crisis;
  • Vegetovascular dystonia;
  • Neuroculatory dystonic;
  • Cardiac neurosis.

Is there any Association between Panic Attack and Decreased Male Potency!

Most people hardly understand the meaning of all these scientific terms, but nevertheless, the combinations of these words make it clear that panic attacks are a crisis of organisms, which are associated with autonomic and somatic disorders. Such body states more often than not decreases one’s quality of life: a patient is afraid to leave their home, meet other people, experience new sensations. Besides, problems arise in the intimate sphere, too.

Unlike other health disorders, panic attacks don’t need any particular conditions to occur. They may start when a patient sleeps or stays awake, experiences grief or joy, etc. So, panic attacks may happen at any one time; they are difficult to predict.

The Ways Panic Attacks Affect Men



Panic attacks don’t always end in sexual disorders. This is the key reason why experts don’t have a consensus about the mechanism of erectile dysfunction onset of this nature. Of course, there is the term, “psychosomatic disorder” of the erectile function. However, when it comes to the uncontrolled sense of alarm, which occurs for no reason at all, many doctors doubt and disagree on the psychological origin of potency.

Is there any Association between Panic Attack and Decreased Male Potency!

But if you remember the etiology of erectile dysfunction, which includes situations of stress, depressed moods, and psychological problems, it becomes clear that after a panic attack, problems in the sexual sphere may well occur:

  • The adrenalin rush is observed. It causes a change in vascular tone and luminal occlusion. Besides, it leads to blood flow to the head and upper part of the body, while the genital system may well experience a lack of oxygen and nutritional substances. As a result, changes to the tissues of the prostate gland, cavernous bodies, and penis muscle fibers are observed.
  • Even after a single panic attack, a man has a sensation of fear that it will arise again. This can’t help but affect the psychological state of the patient.
  • In 70% of cases, after panic attacks, men have shown signs of depression, which can also cause impotence.

There is a group of scientists that claim that a panic attack provokes the progress of a key disease, which leads to the development of ED.

Why do Panic Attacks Happen?

Specialists mark the following main factors, which may provoke the onset of panic attacks:

  • Longstanding psycho-traumatic situations;
  • Severe stress;
  • Exercise intolerance;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Staying under certain specific conditions (crowd, noisy or stuffy conditions, and confined space).

All of these situations one way or another provoke the feeling of uncertainty and emotional overload, which are difficult to overcome.

Predisposed Situations

There are some conditions and situations which may commonly and frequently cause panic attacks:

  • Heart attack,
  • Drug intoxication;
  • Hypertension stroke;
  • Active hyperthyroidism;
  • Social phobia;
  • Loss of significant other.

During all these situations a person may experience:

  • Air hunger;
  • Heart compression;
  • Palpitation;
  • Sickness or vomiting;
  • Dizziness;
  • Partial vision loss;
  • Loss of balance.

Potency Recovery after Panic Attacks

A full potency recovery is impossible if the key factor – the panic attack – is not eliminated. Its treatment involves taking anti-anxiety drugs. If speaking about potency recovery, it’s better to start its treatment with visiting psychotherapist. A doctor may recommend the following methods of overcoming fear before coitus:

  • Sleep-work scheduling;
  • Providing a good rest environment;
  • Eliminating predisposing factors;
  • Taking sedating medications;
  • Taking anti-depressants.

In order to resolve all the ED symptoms, doctors prescribe drugs for expected treatment: Viagra, Cialis and the like. In some cases, intracavernous injections and vacuum-constrictive procedures are assigned.