1. Thanks for the help!
I have recently started to experience erectile dysfunction, yet was not ready to speak about it to my spouse or doctor. Only my friend was aware of my problem and advised taking ED pills. At first, I was skeptical about it, but now, when I already know that there is no harm if taken properly, I am going to try it! Thank you for the precise information on Cialis.
P.S. I promise to write again after using the medication.
James Williams

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I have been taking Cialis from time to time for about a couple of years yet never knew it wasn’t advised to use with oily food, or that it shouldn’t be using it more than once a day. And the fact that it was created first as a heart treatment simply amused me! What can I say! Indeed there is very detailed information on this medicine.
Alfred Robinson

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I never knew smoking could cause impotence! This was a shock to me! I’m already giving up smoking as life without healthy sex is worse than death for me!
Brian Walker

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Being drunk after a party, I used a pill of PDE5 inhibitor drug (my tool wouldn’t work, and I was too drunk to realize it was dangerous to take it when drunk). Well, you may already realize why I landed in the hospital that night! I am glad there are such websites like this one where men can get relevant information about Cialis before using it.
Calvin Harris

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Cialis is a great product for treating ED and I know it in my own practice. I would like to give a sincere THANK YOU to this website’s admins for the amazing articles on the medication, including everything one should know about Cialis.
Christopher Taylor

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I have been persuading my husband to visit a doctor or at least try an impotence drug for five months! He would say he has no such problems, but who if not me would feel it!!! Now, when I already know how Cialis works and how it should be used, I will be firmer in my determination to restore our sex life. I wouldn’t be myself if I don’t make him take these drugs!
Elisabeth Robinson

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I am 27 and have had several failed sexual encounters in recent times. I doubt I have erectile dysfunction, and it is certainly not chronic. Frankly speaking, I’m not ready yet to visit a doctor, so I am thinking about taking Cialis. I guess it will help me bring back my confidence in myself and bring back my virility.
Marcus Clark

8. I agree – magic pills!
I am 55 and my husband is already 62. He has been using the generic version of Cialis (we can’t afford genuine drugs on a daily basis) for three years already! Now, when our children live far from us, having strong and healthy relationships with each other is very important. And I decided to write all this just to assure people with ED problems that Cialis is definitely worth trusting. I can’t say the same for other PDE5 inhibitor drugs, we didn’t try others, but Cialis has been helping us for over three years.
Maria Anderson

9. Thank you for the precautions
These days I was thinking about taking ED pills but decided to check for some information first. And I am very glad I did! As it turned out, Cialis is not advised for patients who have had strokes. A year ago, I had one and luckily, I survived! I guess I wouldn’t again if I took Cialis without reading this article. Thanks a lot for precautions; they saved me!
Michael Sanders