Tips For Using The Drug, Recommended Doses and Storage Conditions

Generic Cialis is one of the leading PDE5 inhibitor drugs and is very safe and tolerated in usage. A patient suffering from ED has problems with blood flowing to the penis. His penis muscles are blocked in such a way that they don’t let the necessary blood flow reach the organ for forming an erection. The way generic Cialis works proves that this medication is truly and highly efficient, yet may have fatal outcomes if proper use is not adhered to. Cialis is available in different dosages including 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. It is highly crucial to follow the doctor’s instructions concerning the dosage. However, if you have no prescription and intend to purchase over the counter generic Cialis, it is advisable to start with 10mg. The latter seems to be the most efficient one for most ED patients. Watch how your body reacts to 10mg of Cialis and make a conclusion whether this dosage meets your expectations or not. There is always a chance to increase it to 20mg (this is preferable to do under a┬ádoctor’s care) or decrease to 2.5mg or 5mg if your erection is too firm and painful. The necessary dosage depends on the personal tolerability and efficacy of the patient’s organism.

How To Take Cialis

Anyway, besides the dosage, there are some other points important to take into account when taking generic Cialis. This medication is to be taken not more frequently than once a day about half an hour prior to sexual intercourse. Swallow the pill wholly (never split it) with a glass of water. It isn’t advised to take the medication with other liquids (teas or juices) as only water helps the drug quickly dissolve into the blood. Alcohol is strictly forbidden to use with Cialis. Alcohol is contraindicated with Cialis just as oily and heavy foods are. Take these pills with a light snack or on an empty stomach.

Daily Usage

Cialis can be taken on a daily basis, too. In this case, it is preferable to start with the smallest 2.5mg dosage. Make sure you take the pills the same time every day. The time of your sexual activity does not have any impact on the schedule.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Treating

Cialis is also widely used in treating the prostate. For this, doctors advise taking the medication once a day at the same time until the problem is overcome. A 5mg Cialis is the starting dosage. This course may last up to 26 weeks.

Storage Conditions

Cialis requires specific conditions for successful storage. First of all, avoid keeping your pills in humid, light, hot or cold areas. Bathrooms and kitchens, as well as fridges, are not the best places to store Cialis and other PDE5 inhibitor drugs. Make sure no light or air passes through the bottle of pills, and keep them in their original containers. Opt for a calm, dark and cool (about 15 Celsius degree) area of your house where no kid will have access to the medication. Remember to throw away expired Cialis pills.